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Anti-War Demonstration at Kolkata

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Eyewitness: Report from March 30th
Anti-War Protest, Kolkata

Kolkata (Calcutta) 30 March 2003

Today the West Bengal State Committee of All India Anti-Imperialist Forum staged a massive protest demonstration in the city against the War on Iraq. The demonstration was led by Dr. Sushil Kumar Mukherjee, Prof Sunanda Sanyal, Prof. Sujay Basu, Samar Bagchi, Prof. Kajal Sengupta, Manik Mukherjee and was attended by many other eminent intellectuals, educationists and professionals as well as common people of West Bengal.

With colourful festoons and posters and spirited slogan shouting in protest against the genocidal war on a sovereign national state with the sole motive of capturing vast oil resource of that country, the well decorated procession started from the Saheed Minar Maidan and ended at the American Centre, where the police cordoned the rally.

In a meeting in front of the American Centre, the speakers including Dr. Mukherjee, Prof Sanyal, Prof. Basu, Sri Bagchi, Prof. Sengupta and Manik Mukherjee vehemently criticized the role of the US imperialists and their lackeys for launching the cruel and barbaric attack on the innocent common Iraqi people trampling all international norms and practices. A message of Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer, President, All India Anti-Imperialist Forum, placed before the assembly read: The evil axis of USA and UK must stop its savage carnage on Iraq because it is an invasion which is a violation of international law, defiance of world opinion and travesty of the United Nations Charter. I oppose on my behalf and behalf of every patriotic Indian, the barbarity now in operation unleashed by America, and call upon the Indian people, the Indian Government and humanity everywhere to arrest the atrocities inflicted incessantly by President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair-Evil Axis incorporated.

A resolution adopted by the rally highlighted among other points : It is now also clear to the world that, whatever be the plea, this aggression is designed to lead the US imperialism, in particular, to an unopposed control over Iraq's rich oil reserve as well as to an unchallengable position to dominate the world with brute military might ; the British imperialism appears to be content enough with the crumbs of the booty they may expect from the fall-out..The West Bengal State Committee of the All India Anti-Imperialist Forum records with all fraternal emotion, the heroic resistance the people of Iraq have put up against this demonic onslaught . The Committee also expresses deep regret at the shameless hesitation of the BJP-led Union Government of our country in strongly condemning the US-UK aggression and in unequivocally demanding immediate withdrawal of their troops. The Committee . feels earnestly that only an invincible surge of people's wrath against the warmongers, a genuine militant movement for peace can force them to step back. The Committee demands in clear words : Bush-Blair Nexus - HANDS OFF IRAQ !

A four-member deputation, including by Dr.Sushil Kumar Mukherjee, Prof Sunanda Sanyal, Prof Kajal Sengupta and Manik Mukherjee handed over a copy of the resolution to the US Consulate. The rally ended with burning of a model of an eagle symbolizing the arrogant US imperialism.

– Contact Office Staff, AIAIF

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Deputy, International Affairs
Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI)
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Manik Mukherjee
All India Anti-Imperialist Forum (AIAIF)
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Kolkata 700 013
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[Thanks to R. Sen Gupta, Office Secretary, AIAIF for info update]

12 April Kolkata.

Today, on behalf of the West Bengal State Committee of the All India Anti-Imperialist Forum, a rally was staged in front of the Kolkata Doordarshan (National TV, Calcutta Centre), demanding the stoppage of advertisement of Pepsi and Coca-Cola & other American and British goods as part of "Boycott American and British goods" movement, as a mark of peoples' protest against US-UK aggression in Iraq.

Later a memorandum was submitted on behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Forum to the Director of the Doordarshan, Kolkata.

S. Sikdar,
West Bengal

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