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by William Stone, III

"When will it end? How can we return to a time when there are no terror alerts, no Department of Homeland Security?"

One of the Republican talk-show whores uttered this question this week. As is increasingly the case, the host's conclusions were 100% wrong.

This question has troubled me far more than it has the Republican whores. The difference between our conclusions is the difference between being a friend of individual liberty and a whore for the socialist Republican Party.

The short answer to the question is, simply: NEVER. The United States has been heading down the path of becoming a police state for more than half a century. The creation of the American KGB (the correct Russian translation of "Homeland Security Department") was simply a formality.

It will NEVER end - at least, not in the sense that the statists hope it will. One might have asked the same question at the beginning of the Cold War: "When will America go back to being the country it was before the beginning of the Cold War?"

The answer, of course, was NEVER. The Cold War ended, the bombers were recalled, but the country never returned to what it was before the Cold War began. The country will similarly never return to what it was before the War on Terror began.

Unlike the Cold War, there will never be an end to the War on Terror. At least, not as as long as we continue to cede to our governments the power to immorally initiate force.

In the statists' rosy, half-witted views, the War on Terror will end when Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and all the American members of Al Qaida that exist in their paranoid fantasies have been rooted out and destroyed.

Were the goal of the War on Terror to root out such individuals, there might be some hope of it ending in such a manner. The problem is that this isn't the goal. Rather, it is to capitalize on September 11 and terrify Americans into giving up their freedom.

For the sake of argument, however, let's ignore objective reality and accept the statists' ridiculous notion that Dubyuh is a good and honorable man instead of the power-mad would-be dictator he's demonstrated himself to be. Let's assume for a moment that Dubyuh simply wants to root out and destroy terrorists the world over.

This is a job that will span decades, simply because there are so many potential enemies. There is Iraq, Al Qaida, Iran, and North Korea, for starters. There are all the remaining communist nations. There's China - no small task that, considering we're outnumbered eight to one.

In addition, as the Middle East has so aptly demonstrated, when the United States undertakes decades of immoral, Unconstitutional interventionist foreign policy, it creates enemies. This in turn will create terrorists, since terrorism is the only means by which a smaller group can combat a large one.

If the FedGov is truly intent on eradicating terrorism from planet Earth, it will be a job of decades, requiring the harshest of police states to be instituted on a global scale. It certainly won't be complete under Dubyuh's regime - it will take a multitude of Presidents, as did the Cold War.

The problem is that even assuming that Dubyuh's intentions regarding the creation of the American KGB are honorable (and they're not, as is readily provable), there's no guarantee that future Presidents will remain uncorrupted by the additional power the KGB offers them.

There will be another "Slick Willy" Clinton. There will be another "Tricky Dick" Nixon. Both men were paranoid autocrats with the limited power at their disposal: Nixon with his enemies list and wiretapping, Clinton with his abuse of the FBI and the IRS.

Imagine what such individuals would do with the power of the American KGB at their fingertips. Indeed, the power of the American KGB will ATTRACT such individuals to government the way a moth is attracted to a light bulb.

Remember, too, that once the populace cedes to government control over individual lives, government never relinquishes the power. There is no example of a cabinet-level post being disbanded. The idea is occasionally bandied about, but it never occurs. Similarly, funding for government programs is never meaningfully cut.

Never. Not ever. It simply doesn't happen. The American KGB is here to stay, for as long as the United States exists.

The endgame for the War on Terror can only occur in one of two ways. To explain the first, it's necessary to recap a short (and extremely superficial) history of the Middle East.

Prior to 1948, the Arabian peninsula was filled with nothing but warring tribes. Various governments attempted to conquer them, but this didn't really stop the tribes from being hell-bent on murdering each other. No doubt they weren't thrilled with the various Christians running around the world, but they were far too busy murdering each other in centuries-old blood feuds to bother with anyone else.

In 1948, the U.N. officially created the state of Israel, which established a Jewish nation surrounded by Islamic states. The one thing that Islamics hate even more than their centuries-old tribal rivals is Jews. They hate them. HATE them. In a way that you and I can't even understand.

In 1948, the Islamics finally found a uniting cause: the elimination of Israel. For the first time in a millennia, they were able to set aside their feuds just long enough to say, "You know, I will eventually get around to killing you because your father killed my father because his father killed your grandfather. But first we have to get rid of those Allah-cursed JEWS over there!"

The U.S. - becoming increasingly dependant on oil culled from the Arabian Peninsula - "adopted" Israel as the "eyes and ears" in the area. This further provided Islamics with a reason to hate the U.S. Effectively, what happened was they said, "OK, first we get rid of the Americans, then we get rid of the Jews, and then I can finally get back to killing you like I always intended to."

The ultimate result of this was September 11 - made feasible by an 80-year-long immoral and Unconstitutional wave of victim disarmament in the USA.

The interesting thing about the foreign policy in place is that there's absolutely no Constitutional basis for it. There's no language in the Constitution that says, "The Federal Government has the power to commit foreign aid to any nation it feels like, for any reason it can conjure up." Nor any language that says, "The Federal Government has the power to commit military assistance to any nation it feels like, in absence of a Declaration of War by Congress." Nor language that says, "The Federal Government has the power to meddle in the domestic affairs of any nation as long as it is in the economic best interests of the People."

There's none of that.

The first of the two endgames in the War on Terror is therefore simple:

Get out. Stop meddling. Stop sending money. Stop sending government military assistance to ANYONE, anywhere. Disband both the CIA and FBI (they're Unconstitutional as well as immoral). Adopt a Constitutional, isolationist foreign policy: the only time American military force may be used is after a Declaration of War by Congress. Never otherwise.

In short, one endgame is to return to a Constitutional America.

When this is done, Israel will either stand or fall on her own. My bet is that she'll fall, outnumbered as she is by so many enemies. I have some Jewish friends, however, that believe it's possible for her to survive. Either way, in absence of a Declaration of War by Congress, it's none of the FedGov's concern.

Islamic attention on U.S. citizens will evaporate overnight, replaced by a desire to destroy Israel once and for all. They'll either succeed or not, but regardless they'll eventually go back to their centuries-long tradition of murdering each other. They'll have absolutely no time for anyone else.

At the same time, as long as we're resurrecting Constitutional America in terms of foreign policy, we might as well do it domestically. We'd end all the Unconstitutional, immoral victim disarmament laws, and the next terrorist who tries to commandeer an American aircraft will find himself dead in a pool of his own blood, killed by the first of his intended victims to obtain a clear field of fire.

Terrorists who make the mistake of attempting to attack a Constitutional America will discover that it's a quick way to commit suicide.

A resurrected Constitutional America will also be a cheaper place to live since the average individualwill take home double his current net income and pay only one-eighth of his current expenses. That's what present taxation does, after all: it steals half of everyone's income while simultaneously raising consumer prices 800% by taxing at every possible point of production.

Given this incredible rise in the standard of living, people will be able to afford to invest in private militias. If the North Sioux City Militia, Ltd. believes that some Middle Eastern dictator has a nuke he's planning to detonate in the middle of Manhattan, they can raise money to pay for a bounty against him. They can raise money to pay for research in an orbital particle beam to fry him dead. If necessary, they can raise money to fight him and his cronies hand-to-hand.

The reason that this endgame is impossible is obvious: despite the Republican whores' Pollyanna notions regarding Dubyuh, his intentions aren't honorable. The Republicans and Democrats are colluding to build a police state for the sake of the sheer, raw, naked power it affords them.

The far more likely endgame is even simpler than a return to a Constitutional America:

The United States FedGov will collapse. We're presently witnessing this, a collapse precipitated by the usual trio: widespread internal corruption, basic financial instability, and increasing disenfranchisement of the population.

In a few short years, there will be no United States Federal Government. There will no doubt be individuals who CALL themselves the government, but they'll be passing laws for the benefit of themselves and a few poor, deluded souls who believe that such laws should actually be obeyed.

The rest of us will then finally go about the business of creating a free society and shortly thereafter set about to conquer the stars.

We're witnessing the historic end of the American FedGov. That's the real endgame in the War on Terror - and the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, the Health Care Crisis, the Energy Crisis, the Population Explosion, Global Warming, Global Cooling, the extinction of various species ... run the gamut of modern-day problems, and you find that the only reason they exist is because of government.

The real endgame is the end of government. Thank your lucky stars that you're going to live to see it. .

–   William Stone, III

William Stone, III is a computer nerd (RHCE, CCNP, CISSP) and philosopher of the Zero Aggression Principle from McCook Lake, South Dakota. He seeks the Libertarian Party's nomination for the 2004 Senate race is South Dakota.

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