from 26 august 2001
blue vol II, no 1 edition
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Zerzan A change is definitely underway as to what the philosophy of anarchy means. In countries like Britain, France and Turkey as well as the US there is a growing interest in what is often called anarcho-primitivism. American publications such as Anarchy, Fifth Estate and Feral reflect this shift, as well as Green Anarchist and Do or Die! in England. Here is an overview of the movement from a US perspective.

1. There is a deepening crisis at every level; individual, social, environmental. The cancer of techno-capital is spreading with devastating impact.

2. Liberalism, leftism, pacificism are the faces of failed pseudo-opposition to the dominant order. The only radical opposition is anarchy.

3. Anarchy is increasingly militant. We know that submissive and manipulative approaches are false ones. If we and the planet are to survive and become free we must break the rules and fight back.

4. Anarchy is increasingly primitivist. We know that technology is not 'neutral' but embodies the life-draining system that is enveloping all. Civilisation, too, has to go, based as it is on division of labour and domestication. Its unfolding logic has brought us to today's condition of emptiness, destruction and pathology.

5. Our goal is a condition of non-authoritarian and face-to-face community. Every obstacle to that must be removed. A great dismantling is needed so that nature and every individual are honoured. Complete decentralisation is the objective.

6. Technology and capital add up to a massified monoculture that enslaves all life. Mass production, every factory, every centre of specialised, estranged thinking is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

7. Free association, autonomy, transparency, spontaneity, communion with nature, play, creativity are features of a healthy, liberalised existence. Productivity, hierarchy, coercion, work, time consciousness are not.

8. If our mission and our vision sound crazy, how much crazier is it to do nothing effective to stop the global buy and sell death march? In the future a child may ask: "How did you let it all get this bad? What did you do to stop it?"

9. We see an all-inclusive public dialogue as essential, with widespread unhappiness already exposing much of the lies and conditioning that defend a set-up that no future.

10. Voting, recycling, reformism, and protest-as-usual have accomplished really nothing. There must be a qualitative break with the megamachine.

Which side are you on?

John Zerzan - Anarchist Action Collective, PO Box 11703, Eugene, Oregon 97440, USA

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