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June 11th, 2006, v5 #7
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Pluto Press Round-up, Spring 2006

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Results and Prospects

Edited by Bill Dunn and Hugo Radice

May 2006/ 264pp/ HB £60.00 / $90.00 / €90.00 / 074532522X

One hundred years on from their first appearance in Leon Trotsky's Results and Prospects, this is a critical re-evaluation of two key Marxist theories: uneven and combined development, and permanent revolution. It brings together a formidable array of Marxist intellectuals from across the world including Daniel Bensaid, Michael LΓΆwy, Hillel Ticktin and Patrick Bond.

Marx saw societies progressing through distinct historical stages - feudal, bourgeois and communist. Trotsky advanced this model by considering how countries at different stages of development influence each other. Developed countries colonise less developed countries and exploit their people and resources. Elsewhere, even as many were kept in poverty, the influence of foreign capital and state-led industrialisation produced novel economic forms and prospects for political alliances and change. The contributors show how, 100 years on from its original publication, Trotsky's theories are hugely useful for understanding today's globalised economy, dominated by US imperialism. The book makes an ideal introduction to Trosky's thinking, and is ideal for students of political theory and development economics.

Bill Dunn is a lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Sydney. He is the author of Global Restructuring and the Power of Labour (Palgrave, 2004).

Hugo Radice is head of the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds. His latest book Political Economy of Global Capitalism is due to be published in December 2005.

ZAPATISTAS: The Chiapas Revolt and What it Means for Radical Politics
By Mihalis Mentinis

April 2006/ 224pp/ PB £18.99 / $29.95 / 074532486X

The Zapatista Army for National Liberation burst onto the world stage on 1 January 1994 when Zapatista commander Subcomandante Marcos announced a revolution, and declared war on the Mexican government and global capitalism.

Since then, the Zapatistas have inspired thousands of activists across the world. They have attracted much attention from political theorists and analysts. Despite this, there is little consensus about the real nature and efficacy of the movement.

Zapatistas provides a bold new approach to understanding the insurrection. Mentinis spent nine months visiting the Zapatista autonomous zone, and the result is this unique exploration of the indigenous political theory emerging within the movement. Combining this with an analysis of the integrity of the Zaptista project, Mentinis draws on the concept of the 'event' from Badiou, ideas from Situationism, the 'project of autonomy' of Cornelius Castoriadis and the 'constituent power' of Antonio Negri, to present a rigourous account of the movement and the impact it has had on radical political theory.

Mihalis Mentinis is a researcher in the discourse unit at Manchester Metropolitan University. His main interest and previous publications concern radical politics and revolutionary subjectivities. Zapatistas is his first book.

7/7: The London Bombings, Islam and the Iraq War
By Milan Rai

February 2006 / 208pp/ PB £11.99 / $18.95 / 0745325637

'This book inspired me and other survivors of July 7th. Understanding what happened and why is essential for healing and allows us to move forward. I urge all those committed to hope, healing and peaceful resolution of conflict to read what Milan has written.' - Rachel North, writer and 7/7 survivor

'A penetrating and timely analysis that deserves the attention of all sides.' - Ziauddin Sardar, journalist and author of What Do Muslims Believe? and Why Do People Hate America?

'Powerful, persuasive and very readable. Seeking the real explanation for [the July bombings, Rai] completely destroys the illusion that they had nothing to do with aggression against Iraq. ... This is a book that everyone with a serious interest in the crisis we face must read if they hope to understand it, its causes, its effects, and how we might resolve it.' - Tony Benn

This is the book Tony Blair doesn't want you to read about 7/7.

In February 2003, Tony Blair was warned by British intelligence that the invasion of Iraq would 'heighten' the risk of terrorism in Britain.

In July 2005, al-Qaeda struck in the heart of London. Despite the British Government's increasingly desperate attempts at denial, polls show that an overwhelming majority of people in Britain are convinced that there is a connection between the London bombings and the war on Iraq. A majority of Britons fault Tony Blair himself.

Using secret government documents declassified since the bombings, and leaks from British intelligence, Milan Rai exposes official deceit at the highest levels, and establishes the crucial role of British foreign policy in generating a home-grown version of al-Qaeda. Rai shows how an official report drawn up by the Home Office and Foreign Office in early 2004 identified 'foreign policy' - and the war in Iraq in particular - as a major cause of alienation among young British Muslims.

Examining the backgrounds of the 7/7 bombers, Milan Rai demonstrates that Islam is not to blame. Most importantly, the book shows us how to make sure that this never happens again - and offers brief obituaries for the 52 people who lost their lives that day.

Milan Rai founded the British branch of Voices in the Wilderness and co-founded the anti-war group ARROW, a London-based direct action and anti-war information group, and its successor organisation, Justice Not Vengeance. His three previous books are War Plan Iraq: 10 Reasons Against War with Iraq, Regime Unchanged [both Pluto] and Chomsky's Politics [Verso]. In 1993 he was awarded the Frank Cousins Peace Award for Research by the Transport and General Workers' Union.

BlueGreenEarth will be reviewing both Regime Unchanged and 7/7 in a future issue.

Truth and Lies About a Perfect Poison
Rob Allen

July 2004 / 208pp
This is a book about Dioxin, one of the most poisonous chemicals known to humanity. ....

Where it Comes from and What it Means for Politics Today
Steven Salaita

March, 2006 / 264pp
A subtle account of anti-Arab racism in today's America and its place in supposedly 'liberal' communities, especially since 9/11. ....

PB: 0745325637 - £11.99 - $18.95 - €16.00
PB: 0745325165 - £13.99 - $19.95 - €21.00

The Unmasking of the Jewish and Democratic State
Jonathan Cook

April, 2006 / 248pp
Former Guardian and Observer journalist explores the real reasons behind the Gaza pullout -- arguing demography is the heart of ....

Nothing but an Unfinished Song
Denis O'Hearn

February, 2006 / 448pp
Published on the 25th anniversary of Sand's death, this powerful biography illuminates his life and political impact. ....

PB: 0745325556 - £14.99 - $24.95 - €22.50
PB: 0745325726 - £12.99 - €18.95

South Asian Women in Britain
Amrit Wilson

February, 2006 / 208pp
A political account of the lives and struggles of British Asian women. ....

The American Imperial Project and the 'War to Remake the World'
Edited by Amy Bartholomew

March, 2006 / 384pp
Examines the impact of pre-emptive war on international law and human rights. ....

PB: 0745318479 - £16.99 - $28.95 - €25.00
PB: 0745323693 - £19.99 - $26.95 - €25.00

Hidden Functions of the 'War on Terror'
David Keen

April, 2006 / 304pp
Examines the political, economic and psychological functions of the 'war on terror' -- arguing that war is often an end ....

Special Focus: Corruption and Health
Transparency International

December, 2005 / 384pp
Annual report on the state of corruption worldwide -- this year's special focus is on health. ....

PB: 0745324177 - £18.99 - $25.95 - €24.00
PB: 0745325084 - £19.99 - $29.95 - €30.00

A Journey through the Israeli Psyche
Arthur Neslen

March, 2006 / 320pp
Illustrated interviews with Israelis, offering a unique insight into the diversity and contradictions of Israeli identity. ....

Revolutionary Praxis and the Fate of Cultural Theory
John Roberts

March, 2006 / 160pp
Critical overview of philosophical approaches to the 'everyday' and its relation to art and popular culture. ....

PB: 0745323650 - £16.99 - $26.95 - €25.00
PB: 074532410X - £15.99 - $22.95 - €22.50

America, Islam and the War of Ideas
Lawrence Pintak

January, 2006 / 392pp
Former CBS corresondent explores the abyss of misunderstanding and mis-reporting in both the US and Arab media. ....

Unmaking Palestine
Ray Dolphin. Introduction by Graham Usher

March, 2006 / 256pp
Up-to-the-minute analysis of the impact of the Wall with an introduction by leading journalist Graham Usher. ....

PB: 0745324193 - £15.99 - $26.95 - €24.00
PB: 0745324339 - £14.99 - $22.95 - €22.50


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